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The Modern Wurttemberg is a subtype of the Wurttemberg breed, which was developed in Marbach Stud, Germany, during the 20th century.

Originally, the Wurttemberg was a heavy warmblood suitable for saddle work and light farm work. However, during the 1950s, the need for farm horses declined while the demand for sport horses increased. Therefore, the breeders at Marbach stud decided to create a modern and more athletic form of Wurttemberg breed, that will serve as a sport horse. To achieve this, the stud purchased a Trakehner stallion called Julmond, which became the foundation sire of the modern Wurttemberg. In addition, Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Oldenburg, Westphalian, and Thoroughbred horses were used as well in a later stage. Today, modern Wurttembergs are used for jumping and dressage.

When it comes to breeding, the modern Wurttemberg has an open studbook, which allows crossings with other German sport warmblood breeds, as well as with Selle Francais horses.

Modern Wurttemberg horses come in the colors of chestnut, bay, brown, black, and grey. They can also be cream-diluted, and have a tobiano coat. Modern Wurttembergs stand between 15.1hh and 17.1hh.

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