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The Morab is an American horse breed which was created in Kentucky during the second half of the 19th century, when Morgan horses were crossed with Arabian horses. The Morab was officially recognized as a breed in 1973, when the first Morab registry was established. Today, Morab horses cannot have more than 75% of either Morgan or Arabian blood, with a 50:50 ratio being ideal.

The reasons for crossing Morgans with Arabians varied between different breeders. Some wanted a carriage horse who has the refined look of the Arabian and the strength of the Morgan, while others wanted a fast trotter who has the speed and endurance of the Arabian and the strength of the Morgan. Regardless of the reason, the result was the same: a versatile horse who can perform well when it comes to various tasks and disciplines.

Unlike their Morgan ancestors, Morabs are not gaited, though some have high-stepping gaits, while others have a lower and lighter action. In addition, while Morabs have a tendency to move with their tail raised up, a trait which they inherited from their Arabian ancestors, they also have the calm temper of their Morgan ancestors.

The influence of Morgan and Arabian horses is also noticeable in the conformation of the Morab horse, in a number of ways. First, its body structure resembles that of the muscular Morgan, but is lighter, especially in the neck which is muscular and crested, yet arched and refined. In addition, the head of Morab horses is more similar to the head of the Arabian than to that of the Morgan, because of its wide forehead, large eyes, narrow muzzle, large nostrils, and slightly concave profile.

Originally, Morab horses came only in solid colors, from the palettes of colors that are found within the Arabian and Morgan breeds. However, in recent years, Morab associations also began accepting spotted horses who have parents of proper bloodlines. Morab horses usually stand between 14.1hh-15.2hh, but some individuals reach 16hh.

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