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The Moriesian is an American saddle breed, that is created by crossing a Morgan with a Friesian.

Moriesians must carry between 25% to 75% Morgan blood, with the remaining percent being Friesian blood. Therefore, in Horse Isle, a Moriesian can be created only by crossing a Morgan of any type with a Friesian, or by breeding two Moriesians. Crossing a Moriesian with a Friesian or a Morgan is not permitted.

Being a combination of a Friesian and a Morgan, many Moriesians appear like light Friesian horses who have the disposition of a Morgan. The ears are usually small and curved inwards, the neck is arched and often held high, the back is short or medium, the croup is rounded, and the legs are thick but not to the same extent as seen in Friesians. In addition, Moriesians often have long and thick manes and tails, and light feathering.

Moriesians are considered as all-around horses, though they usually serve for harness and driving events, as well as for dressage and trail riding.

Moriesians come in all of the colors and patterns that are found in the Morgan breed, black, followed by bay, are by far the most common colors in this breed. Moriesians stand between 15hh and 16.1hh.

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