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The Morochuco (also known as 'Morochuca') is a subtype of the Andean, that was developed in the region of Ayacucho. It has exceptional endurance, and is often gaited- which is why is it favored by Peruvian riders who live in the Andes.

The conformation of the Morochuco is more iconic compared to the two other Andean subtypes, because its profile is more convex, and its neck is shorter.

Morochuco horses come in the colors of bay, black, brown, chestnut, and, more rarely, gray, dun, and roan. The coat is solid, often dark, and can be mealy to a limited extent. Last, while dark hooves are preferable, leg markings do occur. Morochuco horses stand between 12hh and 14.1hh.

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