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The Mountain Mongolian (also known as 'Darkhad') is one of the four subtypes of the Mongolian horse.

Mountain Mongolians are the smallest of the four Mongolia subtypes, averaging at about 13hh. They are found primarily in mountainous regions in Mongolia, where winters are snowy and freezing. Nevertheless, they are adapted to cold climates and high altitudes, and can live there without assistance. These surefooted horses are primarily used as riding and pack horses for those who live on, or need to cross, the Mongolian mountains. In addition, the mares produce exceptionally large quantities of milk, and are therefore milked regularly.

Mountain Mongolian horses usually have a pinto coat, which comes in all colors and patterns, except for frame-overo, mushroom, dominant black, sabino, and manchado. They stand between 12.2hh and 13.2hh.

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