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The Nez Perce Tribe is credited with developing the modern Appaloosa, but apart from its spotted coat, this horse bears little resemblance to those early horses from the Palouse valley. To remedy this, the Tribe decided to try to rebuild the horse as they knew it, using Akhal-Teke blood.

A search discovered a small group of mares with little, if any, Quarter Horse or draft blood, to be as close to the original Appaloosa as possible. A small herd of mares of the old Ma'amin type was found in Wallowa, and a breeding program was established. The Nez Perce Horse registry calls for small heads held high, long necks, high, prominent withers, deep girths, a well-rounded croup and a wider frame overall than one sees in the Akhal-Teke.

On the sudden death of a prominent Colorado breeder, four of his Akhal-Teke stallions were donated to the Tribe. All registered Nez Perce horses must trace to these four stallions and have been bred by the tribe or its members; any other Appaloosa-Teke cross is an Appa-Teke.

The Nez Perce Horse is still a young breed, but the horses produced so far have the Akhal-Teke's long, lean build, metallic coat, hooded eyes, and, to a large extent, attitude! The Appaloosa side gives it color, a more robust frame and a bit of tempering to the Teke's "one-person horse" outlook on life. This horse has speed, endurance and style, like the Palouse horses of old. Great things are expected of the breed in the future.

Nez Perce Horses come in all colors except for grey, mealy, mushroom, and dominant-white. The coat has a metallic sheen, which is why, in Horse Isle, Nez Perce Horses will receive a small penalty for lacking the metallic trait. The coat of Nez Perce Horses is usually leopard, in the sense that is have any of the 'appaloosa' patterns (rather than just the leopard pattern), but it can be solid. Pinto patterns, including manchado, are not found in this breed.

Nez Perce Horses stand between 14.2hh and 16.1hh.

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