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The North Swedish Trotter (also known as 'Swedish Coldblood Trotter') is a subtype of the North Swedish Horse breed. It is bred for its trotting ability because it serves for harness racing, and for driving events. As such, it is lighter and more athletic than the second subtype of the North Swedish Horse, the North Swedish Farm Horse.

North Swedish Trotters come primarily in the colors of brown, bay, and black, but in rare cases they can also be chestnut or grey. In addition, they often have a mealy coat. North Swedish Trotters can also be buckskin, palomino, or smoky-black. However, note that double-cream dilutes are not acceptable in this breed, because the North Swedish Association doesn't recognize them and doesn't approve such horses for breeding. Therefore, it is not recommended to cross two horses who are heterozygous for cream (Cc). North Swedish Trotters stand between 14.1hh and 16.1hh.

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