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The Percheron Mule is an American draft mule breed, which is created by crossing a Percheron mare with a dark-coated American Mammoth Jackstock jack.

Percheron Mules are not new to the USA, and were originally created in the 19th century, a period when mule breeders preferred to breed dark-coated mules because it was easier to match them into groups. American Mammoth Jackstocks jacks with black or brown-black coats were crossed with black Percheron mares (see 'Percheron') to create dark Percheron mules, who were used for farm and pack work.

At some point (during the 19th or 20th century), breeders also started to use grey and bay Percheron mares, to produce grey and bay Percheron mules.

Breeding of Percheron Mules still takes place today, and the mules are used for either draft work or recreational riding.

The conformation of Percheron Mules is similar to that of Percheron horses, but has 'donkey' aspects to it, such as long ears, relatively long heads, hooves that are more upright and oval in shape, and smoother muscles.

Percheron Mules come in the colors of black, brown, bay, and grey. Their coat is often mealy, and lacks white markings except for the occasional star. Breeders in Horse Isle should note that Percheron Mules can't carry the genes of champagne ('smoky' in donkeys) and silver ('russet' in donkeys), and that they don't come in chestnut. Therefore, breeders should pick their breeding stock with care, and read the parentage rules under 'technical details'.

In Horse Isle, Percheron Mules stand between 14hh and 19hh.

(For more information, see the 'American Mammoth Jackstock'.)

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