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Pindos Pony Brown Coat (left view)
Brown Coat (left view)
Pindos Pony Black Coat (normal view)
Black Coat (normal view)

Pindos Pony Auburn Brown Coat (front view)
Auburn Brown Coat (front view)
Pindos Pony Purple Roan Coat (right view)
Purple Roan Coat (right view)

The Pindos is a rare and ancient Greek pony breed.

The origins of the Pindos Pony are shrouded in mystery, although it most likely originated in the mountains of the regions of Thessaly and Epirus in Greece, where Pindos Ponies are still bred today.

Despite having a slender structure, Pindos Ponies have enough strength and stamina to excel at climbing the local mountains. Therefore they are used as pack ponies, farm ponies, and riding ponies in mountainous terrains.

Pindos Ponies are small and slender ponies with a long and broad head, a straight profile, and small eyes. Their neck is long and slender, connecting to prominent withers. Their back is straight, their croup is rounded, and their legs are thin. Their hooves are small and provide a good grip when the ponies climb the local mountains.

The mane and tail are short or medium in length, and their hair is straight and thin. The legs are clear from feathering.

Performance metrics:
The following are the: range, average, (SD), and MOE of performance metrics of ordered Pindos Ponies in Horse Isle (not bred ones). In rare cases, horses might have metrics outside of the range. Breeders can produce horses that are beyond this range.

Speed: 12.6-13.6, 13.2 (0.2), 0.04.
Sprint: 28-36, 31 (2), 0.31.

Accel: 0.80-0.95, 0.87 (0.03), 0.01.
Decel: 0.76-0.89, 0.82 (0.03), 0.01.

Jump: 4.70-4.96, 4.82 (0.05), 0.01.
Pull: 0.99-1.34, 1.17 (0.09), 0.02.

Turning: 37.16-50.03, 42.96 (2.89), 0.57.
Reverse: 1.9-2.5, 2.2 (0.1), 0.03.

Stamina: 41.26-45.84, 43.96 (0.98), 0.19.
Reaction: 0.74-0.83, 0.79 (0.02), 0.00.

Coats & Height:
Colors: brown, black, grey.

Additionals: flaxen, roan, sooty, dark mane & tail, grey mane & tail.

Height: 11.1hh to 12.1hh.
* note that only horses who are 12hh or higher are rideable in Horse Isle.
Pindos Pony Ebony Black Coat
Ebony Black Coat
Pindos Pony Coal Black Coat
Coal Black Coat
Pindos Pony Sepia Brown Coat
Sepia Brown Coat
Pindos Pony Brown Coat
Brown Coat
Pindos Pony Chocolate Brown Coat
Chocolate Brown Coat
Pindos Pony Auburn Brown Coat
Auburn Brown Coat
Pindos Pony Dark Purple Roan Coat
Dark Purple Roan Coat
Pindos Pony Purple Roan Coat
Purple Roan Coat

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