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Big Book of Breeds
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The Pony-Sized Finnhorse is the smallest subtype of the Finnhorse breed, at it is never taller than 14.2hh. Pony-Sized Finnhorses serve as mounts for children and young adults. They denoted with a 'P' in the Finnhorse studbook.

Pony-Sized Finnhorses are predominantly chestnut in color. Nevertheless, the colors bay, brown, black, gray, palomino, buckskin, roan, and silver also occur. In addition, in Horse Isle, Pony-Sized Finnhorses can also be in double-cream (CC) dilutes. The coat is usually solid with white markings on the legs and face. However, in some cases, Pony-Sized Finnhorses can also have sabino patterning on their legs, face, and abdomen, and, in rare cases, can also exhibit maximum sabino. Pony-Sized Finnhorses stand between 12.3hh and 14.2hh.

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