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The Puerto Rican Paso Fino is a subtype of the Paso Fino breed, which was created in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican Paso Fino horses were created to serve not only as riding horses, but also as show horses. As such, their breeding revolves around their showy appearance and excellent performance of the paso fino gait. Puerto Rican Paso Fino horses mainly contain the blood of the Spanish Jennet, contrary to the Colombian Paso Fino which mainly contains the blood Barbs and Andalusians.

When it comes to breeding, Puerto Rican breeders prefer to keep their horses pure, and not to cross them with non-Puerto Rican Paso Fino horses. Therefore, in Horse Isle, crossing a Puerto Rican Paso Fino with a generic, Colombian, or Cuban Paso Fino will result in a non-pure foal.

Puerto Rican Paso Fino horses come in all colors and patterns except for champagne, dominant black, mushroom, frame-overo, splash, manchado, and leopard. They stand between 13hh and 15.1hh.

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