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The Pyrenean mule is a French mule breed that is created by crossing a Catalan jack with a Breton, Percheron, Merens, Castillon, or Anglo-Arab mare.

Originally, the Pyrenean mule roamed in tens of thousands in the Pyrenees, and was used for riding, pack work, and draft work. During the second half of the 20th century, mules became obsolete due to the mechanization of transportation and agriculture. Breeders stopped breeding mules, and their numbers dwindled until the Pyrenean mule was at risk of extinction.

In 2002, the French breeding association for the breeding of Pyrenean donkeys added the Pyrenean mules to the association, and started to promote its breeding and conservation. Today, Pyrenean mules exist in low numbers in the Pyrenees.

Types and usages:
There are three types of the Pyrenean mule: the heavy type, created by crossing a Catalan jack with a Percheron or a Breton mare, the medium type, created by crossing a Catalan jack with a Merens or a Castillon mare, and the light type, created by crossing a Catalan jack with an Anglo-Arab mare.

Light Pyrenean mules have better endurance and speed than the heavier mules, and are more suitable for riding through the Pyrenees. Heavy Pyrenean mules have better strength, and are suitable for farm and forestry work. Medium Pyrenean mules are used for pack work, riding, and pulling carts.

Pyrenean mule types in Horse Isle:
In Horse Isle, there is the light Pyrenean mule which is created by crossing a Catalan with an Anglo-Arab. In addition, there are two medium types and two heavy types, one for each 'Catalan x draft' cross.

Each type has its own conformation and array of colors, although all of them lack markings. In addition, they all stand between 14.3hh and 15.3hh in accordance with the official breed standard.

Because of the limited height range, breeding for Pyrenean mules in Horse Isle can be tricky unless breeders pick the correct dam. For more information, read the breed info about the exact Pyrenean mule type that you wish to breed.

Coat & Height:
Coat: usually black or brown, but also bay, grey, and, more rarely, dominant black and silver dapple.
* Generally, Pyrenean mules are not eligible for registration if their coat is dark-grey and doesn't lighten. However, in Horse Isle, there is no distinction between dark-grey and light-grey mules, and therefore Pyrenean mules can have a dark-grey coat.

Additionals: linebacked, roan, sooty, mealy. The coat lacks markings.
Breeding notes: the colors of cream dilutes, dun, and white, as well as pinto patterns, are not allowed in the Pyrenean mule. Therefore, breeders should ensure that the Anglo-Arab mare of their choice doesn't carry any of these colors/patterns.

Height: 14.3hh to 15.3hh.

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