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The Quarab is an American horse breed that is created by crossing Arabian horses with American Quarter or American Paint horses.

The idea of crossing Arabian horses with Quarter horses is not new, as breeders also crossed these two breeds during the 20th century. Their aim was to create a horse that combines the agility, speed, and placid disposition of the Quarter horse with the endurance and energetic temperament of the Arabian. The result was a versatile horse who excelled in various disciplines, especially in Western disciplines, as Quarabs sometimes performed better than purebred Quarter Horses in Western events.

In 1984, the Quarab was officially recognized as a breed with the establishment of the United Quarab Registry. The breeding rules at the time allowed only crosses between Arabian horses and Quarter Horses. However, some breeders preferred to cross their Arabians with Paint horses, because they wanted their Quarabs to have colorful pinto coats. Eventually, in 1989, these Arabian/Paint crosses were also recognized as part of the Quarab breed, although they were registered in a special appendix of the studbook rather in the main studbook. Sometime during the 1990s, the United Quarab Registry ceased to function, and was officially replaced in 1999 by the International Quarab Horse Association.

In terms of conformation, Quarab horses are divided into three subtypes: The first subtype is the 'Pleasure Quarab,' which is more similar to an Arabian horse than to a stock horse. The second subtype is the 'Stock Quarab,' which is more similar to a stock horse than to an Arabian. The third subtype is the 'Straight Quarab,' whose conformation is a blend of the two other subtypes.

When it comes to their breeding, Quarab horses must have between 1/8 and 7/8 Arabian blood, with the rest being Quarter or Paint blood. In addition, it is allowed to cross Quarabs of different subtypes, because the classification of each subtype depends on its conformation and not on its lineage.

Quarabs come in all colors and patterns except for leopard. They usually stand between 14.2hh and 16hh, but some horses can be as short as 14hh, or as tall as 16.2hh.

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