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The Roman Horse of the Part of the Maremma that is in Lazio (in Horse Isle: 'Roman Horse of Maremma in Lazio' or RHML for short) is a rare Italian breed.

As its name suggests, the RHML originates from the region of Maremma. Its ancestors are horses who existed during the time of the Etruscans; an ancient civilization that inhabited Italy between 800 and 300 BC. While the origins of the RHML are the same as the origins of another Italian breed called Maremmano, these two breeds shouldn't be confused because they are different breeds.

For centuries, the RHML served as a mount for Italian shepherds. Today, however, this rare breed mostly roams freely in the wilderness of Maremma. Those who are tamed serve as mounts for Italian ranchers, or as all-around horses.

The conformation of the RHML is a sturdy one, and is characterized by a long head with a convex profile, a thick neck, a sloping croup, a wide and muscular body, thick legs with solid joints, and large hooves. The mane and tail can be thick and long, and the pasterns are covered with light feathering.

The RHML comes primarily in various shades of bay and brown, followed by black. Furthermore, grey and chestnut occur as well but are rare. White stars are somewhat common in this breed, but leg markings and overly large facial markings are unaccepted. A dorsal back is uncommon but can occur. This breed stands between 14.3hh and 16.1hh.

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