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The Shire Sport Horse is any Shire whose one parent is a Shire horse and the other is a horse of a lighter breed who stand over 14hh and weighs between 350kg and 700kg. Therefore, in Horse Isle, Shire Sport Horses cannot be crossed with each other, nor can they be crossed with another Shire or non-Shire horse.

Shire Sport Horses are like traditional Shire horses with better athleticism. They are bred to serve as sport horses, and excel in competitive driving and dressage. Therefore, in Horse Isle, the non-Shire parent must be a sport warmblood, a Thoroughbred, or a breed with similar characteristics and conformation (the accepted breeds are listed under this breed's technical details).

Shire Sport Horses have a conformation similar to Shire horses, and they come in the same colors as the Shire horse. They usually stand between 16hh and 17.2hh, but shorter and taller horses can be found. In Horse Isle, their height range is 15.2hh and 18.3hh. The most noticeable difference between them and the Shire breed is that, in Horse Isle, Shire Sport Horses can lack feathering.

For more information, see the 'Shire' breed.

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