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The Spotted Draft Horse is an American draft breed, which was developed during the 1990s. It is known for being one of the few draft breeds that can have a tobiano or overo coat, and is one of the only two heavy draft breeds that always have a pinto coat (the other one being the Drum Horse).

Crossing draft horses with pinto horses is a known habit, which took place during the 20th century and maybe even before. However, these horses had no formal registry until 1995, when the North American Spotted Draft Horse Association (NASDHA) was established.

In order to create a Spotted Draft Horse, one needs to cross a tobiano or tovero horse, which is at least 15hh tall, with one of the following breeds: Spotted Draft Horse, American Cream Draft, Clydesdale, Drum Horse, Belgian, Percheron, Shire, or Suffolk Punch. The non-draft parent may not be an Appaloosa, a pony, or of a gaited breed. When it comes to Horse Isle, in order to get a pure Spotted Draft Horse, one need to cross two Spotted Draft Horses.

The exact conformation of Spotted Draft Horses can differ between one horse to another, but they all share a general 'draft' look. Some traits that are commonly seen among these horses are a rectangular frame, an arched and muscular neck, a deep back, a deep girth, and thick legs. In addition, their manes are often short-to-medium in length, and the tails are cut short. Moreover, the feathering of Spotted Draft horses is light, and resembles the thin feathering seen among Belgian or Percheron horses.

Spotted Draft Horses can come in all colors, except for mushroom and dominant black that don't naturally exist in them, but can be bred into them. They always have a pinto coat which is either tobiano, overo, or tovero. Manchado and Leopard patterns don't exist in this breed. Most Spotted Draft Horses stand between 15hh and 17+hh, with the full height range being 15hh and 19hh.

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