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The Sumbawa is an Indonesian pony breed, which was created out of Mongolian and Chinese stocks. The Sumbawa Pony is bred in Sumbawa Island, and should not to be confused with the Sumba Pony, which is a different Indonesian breed (see the 'Sumba Pony.')

Sumbawa ponies have large heads, short necks, and long backs, and are almost identical in appearance to the Sumba Pony, though the latter is a bit larger in size. Sumbawa ponies have good endurance and excellent strength for their small size, and often serve as riding and pack ponies.

There are two subtypes of the Sumbawa Pony: Sumbawa and Bimanese, both of which can be found in Horse Isle. The main difference between the two is that the Bimanese is smaller in size, and often has a dark bay ('brown') coat. In addition, the Bimanese is mainly bred in East Timor and in East Nusa Tenggara Island.

Sumbawa Ponies are usually bay-dun in color, but brown-dun, red-dun, and grulla coats can be found as well. Non-dun horses usually exhibit primitive markings, though in rare cases they may lack these markings. The average height of Sumbawa ponies is 12hh, and in Horse Isle they stand between 11.1 and 12.1hh.

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