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The Trote y Galope is a Colombian saddle breed, that is named after its distinctive trot and canter gaits.

Created in Colombia during the 1930s by breeders who crossed Andalusian horses with Colombian Paso Fino horses, the Trote y Galope became an immediate success. This breed has two special gaits that made it popular among Colombian riders: the trote and the galope.

The trote is a 2-beat gait, during which the legs move in a sequence that is identical to that of a regular trot, meaning that it is composed of two diagonals. However, the difference between the trote and the trot is that the trote lacks suspension of the horse in the air. During the trote, the rear right leg moves together with the front left leg. Then, after both of these legs touch the ground, the horse elevates their rear left leg together with their front right leg, and moves them together. Only after both of these legs touch the ground, then the horse proceeds to perform the next diagonal. This means two important things: one, that the horse is always in contact with the ground, and two, that between switching from one diagonal to the other, the horse always has four legs on the ground. Thanks to these two factors, the trote is less jumpy than a regular trot and is therefore more comfortable to the rider.

The galope is a 3-beat, during which the legs move in a sequence that is identical to that a regular canter. However, the galope is more collected than a regular canter, as the legs cover less distance in each step. This reduces the movement that the rider experiences, and consequently makes this gait more comfortable than a regular canter. Nevertheless, the Trote y Galope can make up for the short steps by moving their legs rapidly, thus generating the speed of a regular canter.

While Trote y Galope horses are famous because of these two gaits, they can also perform a regular trot and a regular canter. In addition, some Trote y Galope horses are fully gaited, and can perform the Trocha (see the 'Trochador' for more information.) Today, Trote y Galope horses are popular in Comlombia, where they are primarily used for trekking.

When it comes to their conformation, Trote y Galope horses have long bodies with a noticeably rectangular frame. As such, their backs are long, and their legs are of medium length, thus enhancing their "long" appearance. Another characteristic trait that Trote y Galope horses share are their necks that are thick, heavily-crested, visibly arched, naturally held in a high angle, and are connected to a muscular chest. The manes of Trote y Galope horses are traditionally cut short so that they look erect. Longer manes are not characteristic of this breed, which is why in Horse Isle they bear a penalty. Contrary to their manes, the tails of Trote y Galope horses are kept thick and long.

Trote y Galope horses come in all colors except for champagne, dominant black, dominant white, and mushroom. They always have solid coats, and their white markings are limited to a stripe on their face and some white of their lower legs. Trote y Galope horses stand between 14.1hh and 15hh.

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