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The Trotter Finnhorse is the fastest and most athletic subtype of the Finnhorse breed, and is considered as the fastest coldblood horse in existence. Trotter Finnhorses are denoted with a 'J' in the Finnhorse studbook

Originally, the Finnhorse wasn't an exceptionally fast breed. However, when public trotting races started to take place in Finland during the 19th century, breeders realized that they must improve the speed of the Finnhorse in order to increase its popularity. To achieve this, they crossed Norfolk Trotters with their Finnhorses, and thus the Trotter Finnhorse was born. Today, trotting races are still popular in Finland, and the Trotter Finnhorse is the most popular subtype of Finnhorse.

Trotter Finnhorses are predominantly chestnut in color. Nevertheless, the colors bay, brown, black, gray, palomino, buckskin, roan, and silver also occur. In addition, in Horse Isle, Trotter Finnhorses can also be in double-cream (CC) dilutes. The coat is usually solid with white markings on the legs and face. However, in some cases, Trotter Finnhorses can also have sabino patterning on their legs, face, and abdomen, and, in rare cases, can also exhibit maximum sabino. Trotter Finnhorses stand between 14.2hh and 17hh.

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