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The Venezuelan Criollo is the only native horse breed of Venezuela, and should not be confused with other "criollo" breeds. It is known for its hardiness and ability to survive well in a tropical climate.

The Venezuelan Criollo was developed out of Spanish horses, who were brought to Venezuela by the Spanish conquistadors between 1526 and 1546. Many of these horses struggled to cope with the tropical climate of Venezuela, but those who survived became the ancestors of the Venezuelan Criollo.

Venezuelan Criollos were usually used as ranch horses in cattle farms. At some point, Venezuelan ranchers tried to use American Quarter Horses instead of the local Criollos. However, these American Quarter Horses failed to cope with the hot and humid local climate, and the ranchers decided to stick with their local breed instead.

Today, the Venezuelan Criollo is a popular breed in Venezuela- especially in cattle farms- where it is valued for its hardiness. Furthermore, in rare cases, the Venezuelan Criollo can also gait, and thus make a comfortable mount.

The conformation of the Venezuelan Criollo is distinctively different than the conformation of other South-American Criollo breeds: the neck is carried lower and is not as arched, the withers are more prominent, the croup has s sharper slope, the head is longer and has a rectangular shape, the legs are longer and thinner, and the overall build is skinnier and lighter. Moreover, the mane and tail are thinner and shorter than those seen in other Criollos, and the legs are clean from feathering.

Venezuelan Criollos are usually grey or bay in color, but the colors of black, brown, chestnut, dun, roan, palomino, buckskin, and smoky-black exist in this breed as well. However, double-cream dilutes are not allowed in this breed, and therefore it's not recommended to cross two heterozygous cream (Cc) horses. The coat is usually solid, but the patterns of tobiano and sabino exist in this breed. That said, maximum pinto is also no favorable, and therefore pinto horses who lack too much color will be penalized.

Venezuelan Criollos used to stand around 13.1hh, but the breed became taller, and its current average height is 14hh. Therefore, in Horse Isle, Venezuelan Criollos stand between 13.1hh and 14.1hh.

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