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The Vladimir Heavy Draft is a Russian draft breed, that is known for its speed which is faster than the speed of most other heavy draft breeds.

The breed was developed during the first half of the 20th century, at breeding farms in Vladimir and Ivanovo regions. First, native large Russian breeds were crossed with Percherons and Suffolk Punches. Then, the crossbred offspring were crossed with Clydesdales and Shires.

While the Vladimir is considered to be a heavy draft, it is lighter than most other drafts that belong to this group, and has less pulling power. The greatest asset of this draft is its speed, for which it was primarily bred, and which is faster than most other heavy drafts.

The influence of the Clydesdale and Shire over the conformation of the Vladimir is very apparent. Vladimir horses have a long head with a convex profile, a long high-set muscular neck, prominent withers, a long back which can be concave, a sloping croup, a broad chest, a somewhat shallow girth, long legs, and large hooves. The mane and tail are often wavy and can grow thick and long, and the legs have feathering along the cannons, although it is significantly lighter than the feathering seen in Clydesdales and Shires.

Vladimir Heavy Drafts are usually bay in color, but brown, black, and, in rare occasions, chestnut horses appear from time to time. They often have white markings, including sabino-like markings, on their heads and legs, but the coat is always solid. Vladimir Heavy Drafts stand between 15hh and 16.1hh.

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