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The Voronezh Coach Horse (also known as 'Voronezh Draft') is a rare Russian breed of a heavy draft.

The story of the Voronezh Coach Horse is tied to the story of another Russian breed called Bityug. The Bityug was a draft horse that was used on Russian farms during the 19th century. It wasn't particularly large, and therefore Russian breeders decided to cross their Bityug horses with trotters and larger drafts, primarily with Orlov Trotters and imported Clydesdales.

Over the next several decades, and especially during the 1930s and 1940s, the Bityug was crossed with other breeds to such an extent that it eventually went extinct. The crossbred horses were called 'Voronezh Coach Horses,' and had the robustness of a heavy draft, and the temperament of the trotter.

Although classified as a 'heavy draft,' the Voronezh Coach Horse is lighter than most of today's heavy drafts. It has a long body, large hooves, and sturdy legs that have feathering, although the feathering is not as thick or as heavy as seen in other draft breeds.

Despite its small numbers, the breed is still divided into three subtypes: 'heavy,' which is the heaviest subtype and was mainly influenced by the heavy drafts that were crossed with the Bityugs; 'light', which is the lightest subtype and has more 'trotter' traits than 'draft' traits; and the 'intermediate', which combines 'trotter' traits with 'draft' traits in the most desirable manner. All of these subtypes can be found in Horse Isle.

Voronezh Coach Horses are bay, black, brown, and roan, are said to also come in 'pinto,' although given their Clydesdale ancestors, the pinto pattern is probably sabino. Voronezh Coach Horses stand between 15hh and 16hh.

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