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The Warlander is a relatively new horse breed created in West Australia in the 1990s by Karen-Maree' Kaye, who crossed Friesian horses with Andalusian horses.

The Warlander is a unique breed because, in order to be considered a Warlander horse, the horse must be between 25% and 75% Friesian, and between 25% and 75% Andalusian, with a 50%-50% ratio being considered the ideal ratio. Therefore, when crossing two Warlanders, both must be 50% Friesian and 50% Andalusian, or, alternatively, one parent can be a 75% Friesian and 25% Andalusian, and the other must be a 75% Andalusian and 25% Friesian, in order to get an offspring which has the 50%-50% ratio. Because of this restriction, in order to breed a purebred Warlander in Horse Isle, both parents need to be Warlanders.

It is important to note that while the most popular cross is a Friesian and Andalusian, crossing Friesian horses with Lusitano, Mallorquin, and Menorquin horses will also produce a Warlander horse which is eligible for registration.

Similarly to their foundation breeds, Warlander horses have a baroque conformation. They come in all solid colors, and are forbidden from having excessive white patterns such as roan, leopard, or pinto. Most Warlander horses stand between 14.3hh and 16.2hh, but horses as tall as 16.3hh and 17hh are also eligible for registration if they have a proper conformation.

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