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The Welara is a pony breed which is created when a Welsh pony is crossed with an Arabian, and which is famous for its noble and elegant appearance.

Welara ponies were first created in early 20th century England, by Lady Wentworth, who crossed Welsh mares with her Arabian stallions, the most notable of which was the stallion Skowronek. She admired the nameless cross, and described it as "the most beautiful pony on the face of the earth" (see the 'Crabbetbred Arabian' for more info about Lady Wentworth and Skowronek).

In 1981, Arabian x Welsh crosses were officially recognized as a breed of their own in the USA, with the establishment of the American Welara Pony Registry. Today, this registry is not active anymore, but Welara ponies are still popular in the USA.

Welaras must have between 1/8 to 7/8 Arabian blood and between 1/8 to 7/8 Welsh pony or cob blood. Therefore, their exact conformation might differ between individuals. Nevertheless, they usually have a small head with a concave profile and large nostrils, an arched and somewhat thick neck, a short back, and a high-set tail which they carry high. It is also important to note that despite being termed as "ponies", Welaras can be as tall as 15hh.

Being all-around ponies, who are quick-witted and have unique charisma, Welaras can be seen in both Western and English disciplines, as well as in driving. There is also a subtype of this breed called 'Welara Sport Pony' which excels at jumping (see the 'Welara Sport Pony' for more info).

Welara ponies come in all of the colors and patterns that are found within the Arabian and Welsh breeds, which means that any color can be found within this breed except for pearl, champagne, mushroom, leopard, tobiano, and overo. Welara ponies stand between 11.2hh and 15hh.

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