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The Welsh Cob (not to be confused with the 'Welsh Pony of Cob Type') is a subtype of the Welsh Pony and Cob breed. It is also known as 'Welsh Section D.'

The Welsh Cob has a different story than the other three subtypes of the Welsh breed. Welsh Cobs are not related to the Welsh Mountain Pony, and were around before the other types even came into play. While we don't know where these cobs originated from, we do know that during the Middle Ages they had already roamed Wales for a while.

The virtues of the Welsh Cob were widely known in Wales during the Middle Ages and in the centuries that followed. Cobs were regarded as strong horses who can manage heavy weights, be it by carrying it on their backs, or pulling them behind. Moreover, they also had immense stamina, being able to trot uphill for hours in an impressive speed, and were therefore used extensively for transportation between villages and cities. Furthermore, they were also excellent farm horses, talented jumpers, and, according to some records, good in swimming and crossing water. In addition, Cobs were also used for cavalry during the 15th century. Today, Welsh Cobs are used for trekking, driving, and show-jumping.

Welsh Cobs come in all colors except for pearl, dominant white, champagne, mushroom, leopard, tobiano, and frame-overo. They can have a sabino or splashed-white coat. The minimal height allowed is 13.3hh, and there is no maximal limit. In Horse Isle, Welsh Cobs stand between 13.3hh and 16.1hh.

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