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The Welsh Mountain Pony (not to be confused with the Welsh Pony) is the smallest and oldest subtype of the Welsh Pony and Cob breed. It is also known as 'Welsh Section A.'

Welsh Mountain Ponies, who descended from Celtic ponies, have roamed the wilderness of Wales thousands of years ago. Their appearance, especially when it comes to its head, resembles that of a small Arabian horse. This led to the theory that when the Romans arrived at Wales, they crossed local ponies with Oriental horses who were likely Arabians, meaning that the Welsh Mountain Pony was influenced by the Arabian breed.

Welsh Mountain Ponies are intelligent and surefooted ponies who usually have a friendly personality. These qualities make them good mounts for children, a primary purpose which they fulfil today.

Welsh Mountain Ponies come in all colors except for pearl, dominant white, champagne, mushroom, leopard, tobiano, and frame-overo. They can have a sabino or splashed-white coat. There is no minimum height for Welsh Mountain Ponies, but their maximum height is 12hh. In Horse Isle, these ponies stand between 10hh and 12hh.

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