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The Welsh Pony (not to be confused with the Welsh Mountain Pony) is a subtype of the Welsh Pony and Cob breed. It is also known as 'Welsh Section B.'

Welsh Ponies were developed by the end of the 19th century, when Welsh Mountain Ponies X Hackney crosses were crossed with a Thoroughbred stallion called Merlin. This resulted in ponies who had the general appearance of the Welsh Mountain Pony, but were taller and lighter. These ponies were called 'Welsh Ponies,' although they are nicknamed 'Merlins' after the Thoroughbred stallion. Today, Welsh Ponies serve as jumping ponies for children.

Welsh Ponies come in all colors except for pearl, dominant white, champagne, mushroom, leopard, tobiano, and frame-overo. They can have a sabino or splashed-white coat. There is no minimum height for Welsh Ponies, but the maximum height allowed is 13.2hh. In Horse Isle, these ponies stand between 12.1hh and 13.2hh.

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