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The Welsh Pony of Cob Type (not to be confused with the 'Welsh Pony' or the 'Welsh Cob') is a subtype of the Welsh Pony and Cob breed. It is also known as 'Welsh Section C.'

The Welsh Ponies of Cob Type, also known as 'Welsh Section C,' were created when Welsh Mountain Ponies were crossed with cobs and Andalusian horses. Their overall conformation resembles that of a cob, but within the size range of a pony. Welsh Ponies of Cob Type are larger and more muscular than the two smaller Welsh ponies.

Because they are stronger than the other two types of Welsh Ponies, Welsh Ponies of Cob Type serve as mounts for adults, and are often used for trekking and show-jumping, as well as for harness and driving.

Welsh Ponies of Cob Type come in all colors except for pearl, dominant white, champagne, mushroom, leopard, tobiano, and frame- overo. They can have a sabino or splashed-white coat. There is no minimal height for Welsh Ponies of Cob Type, but the maximal height allowed is 13.2hh. In Horse Isle, these ponies stand between 12hh and 13.2hh.

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