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The Wielkopolski (also known as 'Big Polish Horse' and 'Great Poland Horse;' formerly known as 'Poznan horse' and 'Mazursko-Poznanski') is a rare Polish warmblood sport horse, that is known for its talent in cross-country. This breed was created when two different breeds were combined into one.

The first breed that was involved in the development of the Wielkopolski was the Poznan. Its development began in the 19th century, in Great Poznan County, and involved crossing German stallions, mainly Trakehners, with native Polish mares. Later, during the 1920s and 1930s, Thoroughbred, Arabian, and Anglo-Arab stallions were added to the mix, followed by more Trakehner stallions who played a more prominent role in the development of the Poznan.

The second breed that was involved in the development of the Wielkopolski was the Mazury. It was created after World War II, in the Mazury District, out of Trakehner horses.

In 1962, because of the physical similarity between Poznan horses and Mazury horses, breeders decided to combine these two breeds into one breed that was called 'Wielkopolski.' This athletic breed gained popularity throughout Poland, and today it mainly serves for sport riding disciplines, especially for cross-country, but also for harness competitions. That said, the Wilekopolski is still a rare breed, and is therefore protected in Poland.

Wielkopolski horses come primarily in the colors of bay or chestnut, but the colors of black, brown, grey and cream-diluted exist as well, with the latter being rarer. Roan is not found in this breed, as roan horses are specifically prohibited from breeding. The coat is usually solid and has little white markings, but it can also be tobiano or leopard. The most common leopard patterns in this breed are blanket, and varnish (frosted.) In addition, some Wielkopolski horses also have sabino markings on their legs and faces. Therefore, in Horse Isle, there is no restriction on the size or amount of white markings that Wielkopolski horses can have, even if they have a solid coat. Wielkopolski horses usually stand between 15.2hh and 16.2hh, with the complete height range of this breed being 15.1hh to 17.1hh.

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