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Big Book of Breeds
Our Massive Real World Equine Reference!

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The zebra (Hippotigris) is a subgenus of the Equus genus.

Zebras are native to south and east Africa. There are three species of zebras: Plains zebra, Mountain zebra, and Grevy's zebra, each of them primarily roams in a different terrain. All of these three species are found in Horse Isle.

While real zebras can be found in zoos and safari parks all over the world, their population in their natural habitats is in decline mainly due to habitat loss and hunting.

Coat and patterns:
Zebras always have a black or, in extremely rare cases, pale coat, with white stripes. While the "black" coat is often black, it can also be dark brown as seen in some Grevy zebras, or in zebras with a bleached black coat. Zebra foals are always born with a brown coat which darkens as they mature.

When it comes to the pattern of the stripes, no two zebras have the exact same pattern. However, the general pattern is identical among zebras of the same species, and serves as the easiest way to tell them apart.

In Horse Isle, zebras can have very... unique coat patterns, which can involve circles and curved stripes, or an extremely wide dorsal stripe. These recessive, rare patterns are breedable, but occur only in wild zebras, and not in defined zebra species (Plains, Grevy's, and Mountain.)

Accordingly, the mutations of birdcatcher, flash, and bleach markings can be rarely found in zebras who have these "crazy" coats, but not in defined species.

Normally, zebras stand between 10.2hh and 15.3hh, but in Horse Isle they can also be shorter.

Additional info:
For more information about zebras, see the 'Grevy Zebra,' 'Mountain Zebra,' 'Plains Zebra,' and their respective subspecies.

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