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Big Book of Breeds
Our Massive Real World Equine Reference!

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A zedonk is a cross between a zebra stallion and a jenny (female donkey.)

Zedonks combine the conformation and coloration of a donkey with the striped pattern of a zebra, especially on their legs which can be boldly striped. The body, however, can lack stripes. The pattern of the stripes depends on their zebra sire.

In Horse Isle, zedonks, similar to zorses, also combine some of the wild personality of their zebra parent, and are therefore more difficult to ride and tame.

Colors and Height:
Zebras always carry the black extension gene, and have either a black or brown coat. As such, the general coat color of the zedonk predominantly depends on the coat color of their dam.

Colors: bay, black, brown, grey, dun, smoky, cameo, albino, and white.
*Note that zedonks don't come in chestnut and ivory.
Additionals: roan, russet, NLP, sooty, spotted, tyger, brindle.

In Horse Isle, zedonks stand between 5.2hh and 16.2hh.

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