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Big Book of Breeds
Our Massive Real World Equine Reference!

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A Zetland is a cross between a zebra stallion and a female Shetland.

Ideally, Zetlands have the conformation of a Shetland, and therefore it is highly recommended to use a small zebra stallion when breeding for them.

The manes of Zetlands are shorter than the manes of Shetlands, but the feathering on their legs is about the same.

Colors and Height:
Colors: bay, black, brown, chestnut*, grey, dun, silver-dapple, single-cream dilutes, dominant white, dominant black.
* The chestnut in Zetlands is different from the chestnut in regular Shetlands.

Additionals: roan, mealy, sooty, tobiano, white-spotted, frame-overo, splashed-white, brindle.

Height: 6.2hh to 10.2hh.

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