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A zorse is a cross between a zebra stallion and a female horse.

Ever since they were first bred in the 19th century, zorses had attracted attention for their exotic appearance. Generally described as a 'horse with stripes,' zorses combine a peculiar coat pattern with the rideable conformation of a horse.

That said, zorses are rare and seldom used for riding. Not only because they are sterile, and therefore require access to a zebra stallion in order to be created, but also because of their difficult personality.


Zorses might look similar to horses, but they are not horses. They have a more challenging personality than horses, and tend to be more aggressive, territorial, ornery, or stubborn, all of which are traits that they inherit from their zebra parent. As such, zorses are more difficult to train than the average horse.

Coat and patterns:
Zebras always carry the black extension gene, and have either a black or brown coat. As such, the general coat color of the zorse predominantly depends on the coat color of their dam.

The color of the manes and tails, however, can be different than that of the parents, with bi-colored manes and tails being particularly common in some coat colors.

The pattern of the stripes depends on both parents. Zorses always have striped bodies, and often have points on their legs (meaning darkening of the lower legs.) The points are often striped as well, although they can be solid similarly to those seen in bay horses.

Colors: bay, black, brown, chestnut*, grey, dun, champagne, silver-dapple, single-cream dilutes, dominant white, dominant black.
*Note that the genetic mechanism behind the chestnut color in zorses is different than the genetic mechanism in horses.

Additionals: roan, mealy, sooty, tobiano, sabino, white-spotted, frame-overo, splashed-white, single-leopard patterns, brindle.
Markings exist only if the zorse carries either a pinto or a leopard gene.

In Horse Isle, zorses stand between 5.1hh and 19hh.

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