Horse Isle 3: Credits
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Thanks to the folks involved in bringing HI3 to life!

The Main Horse Isle Team involved in project:
  • FrogLips,DesertPaint: Support help
  • Joe Schwebke: Background Biome Music Tracks
  • Shir Agami: Breed Definitions Designer, Research, BBB Editor (PathFinder)
  • Ashley Castrop: Help Center and Various Data sets and misc help (HauntedHallow)
  • Honeybuns: Social media posting and some Animation help
  • Lacy Kroll: Data work, patience
  • Chris Kroll: Programmer, artist (WiseBlueBerry)
  • Miranda Durbin: Ideas, judgements and patience
  • Joe Durbin: Programmer, director (Jor)

    Special Thanks to:
  • Fara Shimbo: Previous horse genetics consultant, artist
  • Jessica Benson: Testing and breaking and various help
  • Kyle Dumas: Various help
  • Caleb Neidermier: Various help
  • Alpha Testers: Pathfinder, SpottedRose, DarkFaerie, IrishCarousel, Montalcino, BostonBanker, Piper, Rainstorm, Fall, Garney, FrogLips, UnbridledTrainer, Skywalker, Blaze, HauntedHallow, Grimalkin, Mads, Skye, WinonaRyder, Arowan, LostBoy, Turtle, Plum, Hop, Honeybuns + more thanks!
  • Baby sitters: Special Thanks to the Durbin and Kroll Grandparents for invaluable help with the young ones!

    In Memory of:
  • Tina Padgett (Alyeska): She was a big help with alpha and a kind generous person!

    Content/Tools Used:
  • Emoji icons supplied by EmojiOne
  • Many Color Names used from 'Massive Color Dictionary' created by David Aerne -
  • Some character animations from Mixamo/Adobe
  • Blender
  • Gimp
  • OBS Studio
  • Unity
  • Programming Languages: C#, PHP, C, Shaders

     Benjamin Durbin
    1.5 yrs old (1/1/2020)

    Enjoying mug gifted from players:

    99 little bugs in the code, 99 little bugs. Take one down, patch it around, 137 bugs in the code.
    - an observation on the HI3 development cycle...
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