Horse Isle 3: General Road Map
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General Road Map
Our general development plans

Possibly Planned major update cycles after Live has been released and solid. (provided game supported). Includes rough estimate of time to develop PER feature. We may ask for member voting on the next-requested update from possible options when we get to those points:

Proposed content of update
85%BREEDS!(~? mo) We are constantly working on adding new breeds
50%Plenty of Puzzles (~1 mo) Finish creation of One Puzzle Per Biome
40%Treasure Abounds(~1 mo) Many more findable options/biome specific
100%Lead On(~1 mo) Leadable/Whistleable horses would be complex addition.
85%Many Missionings(~1 mo) Set up an interesting system of user-created missions (mini quests) from Villages
90%Hairy Horses(~2 mo) Work on additonal Horse Hair styles available at barbers
100%Obelisk Objects(~2 mo) Obelisks fulfill their destiny to be massive, rare biome objects
50%Creeping Critters(~2 mo) Small animals added to world to add life.
80%H.I. A.I.(~2 mo) Give horses/wilds/critters more unique behaviors, React to you. +GAIA.
70%City Slickers(~2 mo) Clubs expansion, more styles, shop options, etc.
95%Epic Adventure(~2 mo) Group Sailing Vessel? hang gliding? Skis?
80%Tack Tician(~2 mo) Add more varied tack and decor with performance boosts.
60%Fancy Pants(~2 mo) Add more varied character clothing and hair options.
85%Express Yo'self(~2 mo) Player animation improvements, More Emotes, Instrument objects, etc.
0%Flying Flocks(~2 mo) Birds and other flocking decorational creatures.
0%Weathered World(~2 mo) More dynamic weather, northern lights, lunar eclipses.
90%Artsy Fartsy(~2 mo) Add a horse painting system / profile art system (likely pixel).
60%Furry Friends(~3 mo) Pets added to the world.
80%See UnderSea(~4 mo) Diving Bell exploration. Underwater additional content.
0%Storied Adventure(~4 mo)Main epic quest and storyline.
0%Home Sweet Home(~4 mo) Ranches expansion, Styles, possible interior of houses.
100%Horse Around(~4 mo) Donkey/Mule/Zebra/Zorse/etc. Genetic additions.
0%Magical Magics?(~4 mo) Should we have the return of Unicorn and Pegassi and other unique rare creatures?
85%Darkness Discovered(~6 mo) Caves! with different biomes.
0%Sky’s the Limit(~6 mo) Sky Mountains, new magical lands to explore.
0%Polished Pretties(~6 mo) High end graphics enhancements, more grass / terrain deco / Effects improvements.
75%NPCs(~6 mo+) Add some interactable NPC's to the world.

* Time frames are all wild estimates. And PER feature(Years worth of work)! Minor other new features and bug fixing, etc. will all take our focus as well.
* Not listed in priority order necessarily. Many other things planned as well, but these are the broad strokes at this time.
* Progress indicates roughly how completed and implemented a feature is.

September 5th, 2020: HI3 Full Carbon Offsetting (See news post from same day for details): Certificate of Payment

As of two years September 1st 2020, HI3's Map was rendered from Last years exploration to the additions this year.
The center of the image is roughly the horse head center of world. Black areas likely the various busy clubs.
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