Horse Isle 3: Rules and Guidelines
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Rules and Guidelines
The following rules must be followed in order to remain a player of Horse Isle

Follow the Golden Rule:
And the Brown Rule:
Treat others as you'd like to be treated.
This is Horse Isle, don't be a donkey!

HI3 Exceptions: We have softened these rules a bit from HI2/1, as the internet is more understood by parents now and our playerbase has matured. Our goal is still a family friendly environment, but making realistic adjustments now.

[RULE #1] No Obscenities, Inappropriate or Adult Topics
This is an all-ages, friendly environment.  Remember that and communicate as though your mother, grandmother and 7 year old sister were all watching.
No violent, offensive or inflammatory language.  This includes religious proselytizing, racial comments, ethnic stereotypes, political statements, etc.
No date-speak allowed. This is not a dating site, no boyfriend/girlfriend talk allowed. This includes talking about or referencing sexual orientation.
Because we need to monitor the chat, all chat must be in English.
All chat is recorded and monitored by Administrators, including Private Chat. Keep it clean and family friendly.

HI3 Exception: If grown ups want to talk about grown up non-explicit topics in a private chat, that is fine. The onus is on YOU to make sure no member is sensistive to the topics/younger. (We will only react to complaints, or wildly inappropriate content.)

[RULE #2] No Sharing Personal Info
NEVER share your Horse Isle password!  NO ONE from Horse Isle staff will ever ask it from you.  Never enter it on another website either.
No sharing of email addresses (Prevents anyone from logging into your account also!)
No sharing of websites/IM/facebook/discord
No sharing of phone/cell/mobile numbers
No sharing your age or asking for another player's age
No sharing real names/home addresses/home towns --  No outside advertising of any kind
Countries/States/Provinces are as detailed as we permit such communication.
Please limit your contact and friendships to IN-GAME only. This is for your and other peoples' safety.

HI3 Exception: The above all applies to public chats. Mentioning of facebook account, etc. is okay in a private chat with appropriate folks. Just please play safe. It is your responsibility to make sure it's appropriate for those you are chatting with FIRST. And let's try to keep it family friendly. Mis-chats happen frequently!

[RULE #3] No Ruining Fun For Others
No harassing/bullying other players.  Do not tease, make fun of, call names, etc.  The old, 'if you don't have anything nice to say..  don't type.'.
If someone does insult you, DO NOT respond.  This will just make the situation worse.  If it was serious (breaking Rule #1) report the person to a moderator or admin.  You can do this directly or by filling out an 'Abuse' report.  A recent chat log will be sent with the report, so the offense must occur within that log.
Try to relax and remember it is easy to take offense to things which were not intended online. Try to just ignore things and move on.
Limit the use of ANY reporting/moderating features to things that warrant it. Many things deserve to simply be ignored and move on, please handle what you can on your own.
Use the %PMMUTE or %FULLMUTE command on players that annoy you.  DO NOT let it escalate to a problem.
No spamming/flooding chat by repeating the same thing over and over or by typing random letters or symbols.
There is an auction system, classified ads, and ranch stores to sell horses.  Please use that instead of spamming chat.
This is a positive environment. Anyone not respecting others may receive a chat violation by Admins.

[RULE #4] No Cheating
If you find a bug and report it, you will be rewarded, with both respect and possibly an in-game reward.
If you find a bug and take advantage of it, that's cheating, and you could lose your account.
If you are banned, do not create a new account. Your new account will also be banned, instead work through the issues with support.
Do not use any type of automated click/repetition tools. Instant permanent ban when detected.
Do not make multiple accounts, while HI3 has removed the benefits of this, It's still considered cheating.

[RULE #5] Parental Permission
Anyone under 18 should have parental permission to play. 
We REQUIRE anyone under 13 to absolutely have parental permission. 
Many parents enjoy playing the game with their own account also, make it a family adventure!
Purchasing Mobia for the game Absolutely requires permission. Using any credit card info or Paypal accounts without permission that you do not own is STEALING. You will definitely get caught and then the account will be permanently banned and deleted.
Additionally we offer parents with young kids optional additional chat protections. Ranging from Blocking ALL CHAT, blocking private messages, or only allowing them to see your chats while you play with them. Click into Account to see more information.

[RULE #6] Play Smart
Never make a trade on a promise.  Always make trades that are fair in themselves.  (Don't give someone one of your horses with their promise they will give it back, etc.)  
Do not trade something you are not willing to lose.
Do not buy or sell accounts. This is not only considered trading on a promise but is an easy way to get scammed.
Never give out your password to ANYONE, even someone claiming to be with HI3.
Do not share accounts with other players. Remember you are 100% responsible for your account, so don't let someone else ruin it for you.
Don't EVER agree to meet another player without parental consent in real life! Thems parents keep you safe!
Take breaks.  Do not sit and play for hours straight.  Try to break up game time with other activities.  This will make the game more fun in the long run. We designed the game with the intention of the biggest benefits in the first hour or so of gameplay per day.

[RULE #7] Follow In-Game Courtesy
The following guidelines help you to get along with others in the game! These are also some of the most common causes of chat flaggings.
  • Please keep Ads for trading/horses/club members/competitions OUT of Global Chat (Any post that players could potentially profit from). Ads chat is best, Ads in global chat is considered rude.
  • No avoiding the chat filter for offensive content that would have otherwise been blocked.
  • Avoid repeating similar chats over again. Folks prefer to not have to read the same thing over and over. (Exception being ads chats with reasonable time gaps.)
  • If you get frustrated with someone, just move on/ignore. Remember they could be a young child. Getting frustrated helps nothing.
  • If your chat is flagged, understand it will be reviewed by an admin and if not appropriate the FLAGGER will get in trouble. Nothing will go against your account.
  • No Begging. Asking for help is okay. While similar, begging comes from a place of laziness. Don't be lazy.
  • Try to have a thicker skin! Most of the time players are just kidding/teasing when they say something. Try not to overreact :)


    In Game Art Content
    The following guidelines are for the artkit in game.
  • Art Content must pass all the normal HI3 Rules.
  • Art should not be plagiarized from existing original in-game art. Players are welcome to make a batman logo for example, and since this is un-original someone else may make another version, etc. But someone's creative original art should not be duplicated.
  • Symbols and Initials can be considered against rules if they are explicit. For example, an elephant would be fine, an elephant with an R on it crossed out would be considered a political statement against the rules. Similarly rainbow art is fine, but LGBT at the bottom would push it against the rules.
  • Quilting patterns are too common and easy to replicate, so no plagiarism protections there. If you like a pattern, try to buy it from the original crafter. This saves yourself money of having it in your artkit taking up space and increasing publish fees.
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