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Abaco Barb Exp
Agaba Dark Horse Exp
Akhal-Teke Exp
Akhal-Teke Sport Horse Exp
Alt Oldenburg Exp
Alt Wurttemberg Exp
Alt-Oldenburg Exp
Altai Exp
Alter Real Exp
American Bashkir Curly - Straight Division Exp
American Bashkir Curly Exp
American Brabant Exp
American Cream Draft Exp
American Miniature Horse Exp
American Mustang Exp
American Paint Halter Horse Exp
American Paint Horse Exp
American Paint Race Horse Exp
American Paint Stock Horse Exp
American Quarter Halter Horse Exp
American Quarter Horse Exp
American Quarter Pony Exp
American Quarter Race Horse Exp
American Quarter Stock Horse Exp
American Saddlebred Exp
American Shetland Exp
American Walking Pony Exp
American Warmblood Exp
Andalire Exp
Andaloosa Exp
Andalusian Exp
Andalutois Exp
Andean Exp
Andravida Exp
Anglo-Arab Exp
Anglo-Danubian Exp
Anglo-Teke Exp
Appaloosa Exp
Appendix Horse Exp
Appendix McCurdy Plantation Horse Exp
Appendix Quarter Horse Exp
Ara-Appaloosa Exp
Arabian Exp
Arabo-Boulonnais Exp
Arabo-Friesian Exp
Arabo-Haflinger Exp
Ardennais Exp
Argentine Criollo Exp
Argentine Polo Pony Exp
Australian Draught Horse Exp
Australian Pony Exp
Australian Stock Horse Exp
Austrian Haflinger Exp
Austrian Warmblood Exp
Auxois Exp
Avelignese Exp
Azteca Exp
Baca Chica Exp
Baladi Exp
Baluchi Exp
Ban Ei Exp
Barock Pinto Exp
Baroque Knabstrup Exp
Bashkir Exp
Bavarian Warmblood Exp
Belgian Exp
Belgian Halfblood Exp
Belgian Riding Pony Exp
Belgian Warmblood Exp
Bimanese Exp
Black Forest Chestnut Exp
Bosnian Exp
Boulonnais Exp
Brabant Exp
Brazilian Crioulo Exp
Brazilian Sport Horse Exp
Breton Exp
British Appaloosa Exp
British Miniature Horse Exp
British Riding Pony Exp
British Spotted Miniature Pony Exp
British Spotted Pony - Solid Color Exp
British Spotted Pony Exp
British Spotted Pony of Cob Type Exp
British Spotted Riding Pony Exp
Brumby Exp
Budyonny Exp
Burguete Exp
Calabrese Exp
Camargue Exp
Camarillo White Horse - Non-white division Exp
Camarillo White Horse Exp
Campolina Exp
Canadian Exp
Canadian Sport Horse Exp
Canadian Sport Pony Exp
Canadian Warmblood Exp
Canik Exp
Cape Boerperd Exp
Carthusian Exp
Caspian Exp
Cerbat Mustang Exp
Chernomor Exp
Chickasaw Exp
Chilean Exp
Chincoteague Pony Exp
Chola Exp
Chumbivilcas Exp
Classic American Shetland Exp
Cleveland Bay Exp
Clydesdale Exp
Colombian Paso Fino Exp
Colorado Ranger Exp
Colored Racehorse Exp
Comtois Exp
Connemara Exp
Corsican Exp
Costeno Exp
Crabbetbred Arabian Exp
Cuban Paso Fino Exp
Curly Sporthorse - Smooth Division Exp
Curly Sporthorse Exp
Czech Warmblood Exp
Dales Pony Exp
Danish Warmblood Exp
Danubian Exp
Dareshuri Exp
Dartmoor Pony Exp
Datong Exp
Deliboz Exp
Desert Mongolian Exp
Desert Norman Exp
Diligencier Percheron Exp
Dole Exp
Dole Trotter Exp
Don Exp
Drum Horse Exp
Dutch Draft Exp
Dutch Riding Horse and Pony Exp
Dutch Riding Horse Exp
Dutch Riding Pony Exp
Dutch Tuigpaard Exp
Dutch Warmblood Exp
Egyptian Arabian Exp
Einsiedler Exp
Eriskay Pony Exp
Esperia Pony Exp
Estonian Native Horse Exp
European Brabant Exp
Exmoor Exp
Falabella Exp
Fell Pony Exp
Finnhorse Exp
Flemish Exp
Florida Cracker Exp
Forest Mongolian Exp
Foundation American Shetland Exp
Foundation Appaloosa Exp
Foundation Barock Exp
Foundation Morgan Exp
Foundation Quarter Horse Exp
Franches Montagnes Exp
Frederiksborg Exp
French Chaser Exp
French Riding Pony Exp
French Trotter Exp
Friesian Exp
Friesian Sporthorse Exp
Furioso Exp
Galiceno Exp
Garrano Exp
Gelderland Exp
Georgian Grande Exp
German Riding Pony Exp
Giara Exp
Giarab Exp
Gidran Exp
Glasinacki Bosnian Exp
Gotland Exp
Grade Baroque Horse Exp
Grade Cob Exp
Grade Cold-blooded Horse Exp
Grade Draft Horse Exp
Grade Draft Pony Exp
Grade European Hotblood Exp
Grade Gaited Saddle Horse Exp
Grade Horse Exp
Grade Hot-blooded Horse Exp
Grade Miniature Horse Exp
Grade Miniature Pony Exp
Grade North American Stock Horse Exp
Grade Oriental Hotblood Exp
Grade Pleasure Horse Exp
Grade Pleasure Pony Exp
Grade Pony Exp
Grade Przewalski's Horse Exp
Grade Sport Pony Exp
Grade Trotter Horse Exp
Grade Warm-blooded Horse Exp
Grade Warmblood Sport Horse Exp
Grand Gypsy Vanner Exp
Groningen Exp
Guanzhong Exp
Gypsy Vanner Cob Exp
Gypsy Vanner Exp
Gypsy Vanner Pony Exp
Hackney Exp
Hackney Horse Exp
Hackney Pony Exp
Haflinger Exp
Halla Exp
Hanoverian Exp
Heavenly Tiger Horse Exp
Heavy Datong Exp
Heavy Dole Exp
Heavy Draft Breton Exp
Heavy Kushum Exp
Heavy Lokai Exp
Heavy Voronezh Coach Horse Exp
Heavy Waler Exp
Henson Exp
Highland Pony Exp
Hirzai Exp
Hispano-Arab Exp
Hispano-Breton Exp
Hokkaido Pony Exp
Holsteiner Exp
Hucul Exp
Hungarian Coldblood Exp
Iberian Warmblood Exp
Icelandic Exp
Indian Half-bred Exp
Intermediate Voronezh Coach Horse Exp
Iomud Exp
Irish Draught Exp
Irish Sport Horse Exp
Israeli Local Horse Exp
Italian Heavy Draft Exp
Jaca Navarra Exp
Java Pony Exp
Jeju Exp
Jutland Exp
Kaimanawa Exp
Karabakh Exp
Kathiawari Exp
Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse - Type A Exp
Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse - Type B Exp
Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Exp
Kerry Bog Pony Exp
Kiger Mustang Exp
Kinsky Exp
Kiso Exp
Kladruby Exp
Knabstrup Exp
Knabstrup Pony Exp
Knabstrup Sport Horse Exp
Koheilan Arabian Exp
Konik Exp
Kushum Exp
Landais Pony Exp
Large Belgian Riding Pony Exp
Large Boulonnais Exp
Large Nonius Exp
Larger Southern Yakut Exp
Latvian Draft Exp
Light Datong Exp
Light Lokai Exp
Light Voronezh Coach Horse Exp
Light Waler Exp
Lipizzan Exp
Lokai Exp
Losina Exp
Lundy Pony Exp
Lusitano Exp
Lusitano Horse Exp
Mallorquin Exp
Mangalarga Marchador Exp
Mangalarga Paulista Exp
Mangolina Exp
Maremmano Exp
Maremmano Migliorato Exp
Marwari Exp
Massive Heavy Draft Exp
McCurdy Plantation Horse Exp
Medium Waler Exp
Menorquin Exp
Merens Exp
Messara Pony Exp
Middle Kolyma Yakut Exp
Mini Shetland Exp
Miniature Gypsy Vanner Exp
Miniature Knabstrup Exp
Missouri Fox Trotter Exp
Missouri Fox Trotter Horse Exp
Missouri Fox Trotter Pony Exp
Modern American Shetland Exp
Modern Appaloosa Exp
Modern Franches Montagnes Exp
Modern Oldenburg Exp
Modern Wurttemberg Exp
Mongolian Exp
Morab Exp
Moravian Warmblood Exp
Morgan Exp
Moriesian Exp
Morochuco Exp
Mountain Bashkir Exp
Mountain Mongolian Exp
Mountain Pottok Exp
Moyle Exp
Muniqi Arabian Exp
Murakoz Exp
Murgese Exp
National Show Horse Exp
Neapolitan Exp
New Forest Pony Exp
New Silesian Exp
Newfoundland Pony Exp
Nez Perce Horse Exp
Nokota Exp
Noma Exp
Nonius Exp
Noriker Exp
Norman Cob Exp
North American Sportpony Exp
North Swedish Farm Horse Exp
North Swedish Horse Exp
North Swedish Trotter Exp
Northlands Horse Exp
Norwegian Fjord Exp
Novoaleksandrov Russian Heavy Draft Exp
Old Franches Montagnes Exp
Old Silesian Exp
Oldenburg Exp
Orlov Trotter Exp
Pacer Standardbred Exp
Pangare Brumby Exp
Park-type Morgan Exp
Paso Fino Exp
Peneia Pony Exp
Percheron Draft Exp
Percheron Exp
Persano Exp
Persian Arabian Exp
Peruvian Paso Exp
Petiso Argentino Exp
Pindos Pony Exp
Pintabian Exp
Pleasure Quarab Exp
Podveleski Bosnian Exp
Poitevin Exp
Polish Arabian Exp
Pony of the Americas Exp
Pony-sized Finnhorse Exp
Postier Breton Exp
Pottok Exp
Prairie Pottok Exp
Priangan Exp
Pryor Mountain Mustang Exp
Przewalski's Horse Exp
Puerto Rican Paso Fino Exp
Pure Spanish Horse Exp
Quarab Exp
Racking Horse Exp
Rahvan Exp
Ranch Nokota Exp
Riding Finnhorse Exp
Rocky Mountain Horse Exp
Roman Horse of Maremma in Lazio Exp
Rottal Exp
Royalty Tiger Horse Exp
Russian Heavy Draft Exp
Russian Trotter Exp
Saddle Kushum Exp
Salernitano Exp
San Fratello Exp
Sandalwood Pony Exp
Santa Cruz Island Horse Exp
Saqlawi Arabian Exp
Sardinian Anglo-Arab Exp
Schleswig Exp
Selle Francais Exp
Senne Exp
Shagya Arabian Exp
Shetland Exp
Shetland Pony Exp
Shire Exp
Shire Sporthorse Exp
Sicilian Exp
Silesian Exp
Sindhi Exp
Skyros Pony Exp
Slovak Sport Pony Exp
Slovak Warmblood Exp
Small Belgian Riding Pony Exp
Small Boulonnais Exp
Small Nonius Exp
Smaller Southern Yakut Exp
Smokey Valley Horse Exp
Solid Andaloosa Exp
Sorraia Exp
Sorraia Mustang Exp
South African Boerperd Exp
South African Miniature Horse Exp
Spanish Mustang Exp
Spanish Norman Exp
Spotted Draft Horse - Solid Class Exp
Spotted Draft Horse Exp
Spotted Mountain Saddle Horse - Type A Exp
Spotted Mountain Saddle Horse - Type B Exp
Spotted Saddle Horse Exp
Standardbred Exp
Stationbred Exp
Steppe Bashkir Exp
Steppe Mongolian Exp
Stock Quarab Exp
Straight Quarab Exp
Suffolk Punch Exp
Sugarbush Harlequin Draft Exp
Sulphur Springs Mustang Exp
Sumba Pony Exp
Sumbawa Exp
Sumbawa Pony Exp
Swedish Ardennais Exp
Swedish Riding Pony Exp
Swedish Warmblood Exp
Swiss Warmblood Exp
Syrian Exp
Tchenaran Exp
Teke Turkmen Exp
Tennessee Walking Horse Exp
Tersky Exp
Thessalian Exp
Thoroughbred - Hunter Type Exp
Thoroughbred - Sprinter Type Exp
Thoroughbred - Stayer Type Exp
Thoroughbred Exp
Tiger Horse Exp
Timor Pony Exp
Toric Exp
Toric Sport Horse Exp
Traditional Irish Horse Exp
Traditional Nokota Exp
Trait du Nord Exp
Trakehner Exp
Trocha y Galope Exp
Trochador Exp
Trote y Galope Exp
Trotter Finnhorse Exp
Trotter Standardbred Exp
Ural Russian Heavy Draft Exp
Venezuelan Criollo Exp
Vladimir Heavy Draft Exp
Voronezh Coach Horse Exp
Waler Exp
Waler Pony Exp
Walkaloosa Exp
Warlander Exp
Welara Exp
Welara Sport Pony Exp
Welsh Cob Exp
Welsh Mountain Pony Exp
Welsh Pony and Cob Exp
Welsh Pony Exp
Welsh Pony of Cob Type Exp
Westphalian Exp
Westphalian Horse Exp
Westphalian Pony Exp
Wielkopolski Exp
Wilbur-Cruce Mustang Exp
Work Finnhorse Exp
Wurttemberg Exp
Xilingol Exp
Yakut Exp
Yunnan Exp
Zangersheide Exp
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Top Lists
Various Current Player Rankings

Top Priangan Exp
Top experienced Priangan horses (not including sub breeds)
#1KyraStormKSCS_ RoseAngel 1110- 6o6- 16.5SP6,853
#2KyraStormKSCS_ Reika 965- 6o6- 40SD- 15.9SP4,135
#3TrinityTRN8T Q'ira2,125
#4OrogenyORO 9222,000
#5KyraStormKSCS_ DunBrinMM 1116-6o6-15.3--20IP2,000
#6KyraStormKSCS_ Brindle MM 906- 3o6-1.59P-15.42,000
#7KyraStormKSCS_ BlackMM 1124-5o6-39-14.6--20IP1,750
#8MuleBiscuitsKSCS_ Eternal Flame1,500
#9KyraStormKSCS_ NixieSM 1033- 4o6- 43SD- 15.7S1,250
#10KyraStormKSCS_ Sitka 1029- 4o6-61FT- 15SP--401,250

#11KyraStormKSCS_ SilveryMM 973- 5o6- 41SD- 16.51,250
#12KyraStormKSCS_ ChocolateMM 1092-4o6- 17.1S1,250
#13KyraStormKSCS_ DunSM 1067- 5o6- 41SD-16.2--401,000
#14KyraStormKSCS_ Kanna 1012- 5o6- 40SD- 16.1SP1,000
#15KyraStormKSCS_ Flicka 1000-5o6-42SD- 16.8--401,000
#16KyraStormKSCS_ Truly SM 925- 6o6-41Sd- 15.9SP1,000
#17KyraStormKSCS_ MealyMM 1131- 6o6- 41-16.6--401,000
#18VhenanKSCS_ Ten Goodbyes1,000
#19KyraStormKSCS_ BaySM 1049- 6o6- 40- 16.2-- 401,000
#20KyraStormKSCS_ RedSM 1094- 6o6- 42- 16.8--401,000

#21KyraStormKSCS_ SummerWind 935- 43SD- 16.5--401,000
#22KyraStormKSCS_ MistySM 1047- 4o6- 42-16.4--401,000
#23KyraStormKSCS_ RucaIce 1010- 6o6-39SD-64FT-151,000
#24KyraStormKSCS_ IceDun 1069- 6o6- 39- 15--40IP1,000
#25OrogenyORO 851750
#26KyraStormKSCS_ ZiraHawk 1027- 5o6-40-15.1--60500
#27KyraStormKSCS_ Hitomi 986- 6o6- 38-15.1--60IP500
#28KyraStormKSCS_ RoseTig 1073-6o6-39-14.9--60IP500
#29OrogenyORO 824500
#30KyraStormKSCS_ PalaGirlMM 924- 6o6- 42-16-60500

#31KyraStormKSCS_ BlackSM 980- 6o6- 41- 16.2--80500
#32KyraStormKSCS_ Kagi 1086- 5o6- 41SD- 15.6--60500
#33KyraStormKSCS_ Wakonna 1047- 6o6- 40-16.4--60500
#34KyraStormKSCS_ Mowanna- 5o6- 42- 16.2--60500
#35KyraStormKSCS_ RabicanoMM 1014- 5o6- 16.5--80500
#36TrinityTRN8T Lando410
#37TrinityTRN8T Finn300
#38TrinityTRN8T Rey290
#39KyraStormKSCS_ SootyDunMM 1098-6o6-39SD-16.6250
#40KyraStormKSCS_ TygressHawk 1059-6o6-39-15--60250

#41KittyCatBlue Moon250
#42KyraStormKSCS_ Shadey 1102- 6o6- 40SD- 16--40250
#43KyraStormKSCS_ Misty 1094- 5o6- 40SD- 16--60250
#44OrogenyORO 951250
#45KyraStormKSCS_ BanditMM1024-6o6-55-15.4--60IP250
#46MuleBiscuitsKSCS_ On With The Show50
#48StoneElkKSCS_ Mowanna12
#49OrogenyORO 9060
#50KyraStormKSCS_ RedTiger 1010- 5o6- 41SD- 16SP0

#51KyraStormKSCS_ SpiritTiSM 1110-6o6-40-15.4--80
#52KyraStormKSCS_ PinkMM 937- 5o6- 41SD- 15.9S0
#53KyraStormKSCS_ Ember 1078-6o6-1.60PS-15.9--200
#54KyraStormKSCS_ DarkDun MM1082- 6o6- 16.5--400
#55KyraStormKSCS_ DunBoy 1078- 5o6- 15.8SP--600
#56KyraStormKSCS_ Von 935- 5o6- 41SD- 16.5SP--600
#57SassyArab filly 17mph's foal0
#58MuleBiscuitsKSCS_ 969- 5o6-16.1SP--Chestnut--15k0
#59KyraStormKSCS_ BrinMM 1037-6o6-77-15.4--40 IP0
#60KyraStormKSCS_ PinkHawk 949-606-40SD-15.5--600

#61KyraStormKSCS_ Kagi 1016- 6o6- 41SD- 15.5--40's foa0
#62TrinityTRN8T Yoda0
#63MuleBiscuitsKSCS_ 1047- 5o6- --IceDunPaint--11k!0
#64KyraStormKSCS_ BlackHawk 1104-6o6-40-15.6--600
#65KyraStormKSCS_ IceShade 1041-5o6-38-14.8--600
#66KyraStormKSCS_ RedRaven 963- 5o6- 15.5SP--600
#67ElvishFlameELV Viola's foal0
#68MuleBiscuitsKSCS_ TigerMM 967- 5o6-1.58P-14.5SP0
#69KyraStormKSCS_ Stetson 1047- 5o6- 42-16.6--600
#70KyraStormKSCS_ DunlinoMM 910-6o6-41-16.3--800

#71KyraStormKSCS_ BlackMagic 1129- 6o6- 16.9--600
#72KyraStormKSCS_ SpiritMM 1125- 5o6-41-15.8--400
#73KyraStormKSCS_ BaySM 1049- 6o6- 42- 16.3--600
#74KyraStormKSCS_ Buckskin 1057- 5o6-40-15.7--600
#75KyraStormKSCS_ Amazon 965- 4o6-40SD-14.9S--600
#76KyraStormKSCS_ Dove 998- 4o6- 42-16.4--600
#77OrogenyORO Priangan 8670
#78KyraStormKSCS_ Spirit 1100-3o6-2.12P-15.9--200
#79KyraStormKSCS_ Seal 1022-5o6- 41SD- 15.5 --400
#80KyraStormKSCS_ Trigger 1037- 5o6- 40SD- 16SP0

#81KyraStormKSCS_ FireFly 978-4o6-41SD-16.2--600
#82KyraStormKSCS_ Sepia 1098- 5o6-41SD- 16.2--800
#83KyraStormKSCS_ SpiritHawk 1049- 5o6- 16SP--800
#84KammyKSCS_ Bronze0
#85KyraStormKSCS_ Nico 1004- 6o6- 39SD- 14.9-IP0
#86KyraStormKSCS_ FireTig 1047- 5o6-39-15.3S--400
#87KyraStormKSCS_ BronzeIce1027-6o6-66F-15.5--600
#88KyraStormKSCS_ BlueEyedPalSM 951-6o6-16.5--600
#89MuleBiscuitsKSCS_ 1051- 506- 41- 16.1--Palo--15k0
#90KyraStormKSCS_ Malakie 961- 5o6- 40SD- 15.50

#91KyraStormKSCS_ CopperSM 976-4o6- 16.5SP--400
#92KyraStormKSCS_ Crystal 982-4o6-41-16.1--600
#93KyraStormKSCS_ StarFire 1055- 5o6- 16.4S-- 800
#94KyraStormKSCS_ Dojan 984- 6o6- 1.94PS- 16--600
#95KyraStormKSCS_ Black 980-6o6-15.8-13hh--800
#96KyraStormKSCS_ BlackEmerald 920- 5o6- 16--800
#97KyraStormKSCS_ SunHawk 906- 6o6- 42- 16.7--400
#98KyraStormKSCS_ ChestnutGrey96-5o6-41-16.4--400
#99KyraStormKSCS_ ChocolateHawk 980-5o6-16.1--800
#100KyraStormKSCS_ FireFlower 953- 6o6- 16SP--800

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